"Standing up for Wisconsin families."


Middle Class

Our state and our economy are strongest when we grow from the middle out, not the top down. One of my top priorities in the legislature will be creating good jobs with family-supporting wages for Southeastern Wisconsin and our state as a whole.

Public Education

I believe in the power of education to transform lives.  I support restoring Wisconsin's investment in public schools, and making sure that Wisconsinites can access our world-class institutions of higher education.



Healthcare should be accessible and affordable for every Wisconsinite. No one in our state should have their life ruined by a treatable condition, nor the medical bills that come along with it.


Criminal Justice Reform

As someone who works in the criminal justice system everyday, I know firsthand how the system works, and where it falls short. I believe in a criminal justice system that is smart, effective, and above all, fair.


Our Civil Rights

Our most basic and fundamental right in a democracy is the right to have our voices heard. I will fight back against the bad-faith, partisan attacks on our voting rights, and work to expand civil rights protections to ensure that everyone in our state is equal under the law.


Paid for by TIP FOR WI, Courtney McNeal-Treasurer